Sunday, May 5, 2013

For it's natural purpose

Spring/Summer is upon us and in this house that means watching Dad play softball. It's through the YMCA, there is minimal foul language and most are out there for a good time. Juli knows this means she gets to run around outside for a few hours and often play at a nearby park. She also gets snacks from her Aunt Ele, lots of snacks!
Being gone for a few hours also means that Miriam will need to eat...okay, no big deal. I breastfeed as most readers (all 5 of you) know but I am not all in your face about it. I am not a breastfeeding activist that will breastfeed til the kid goes to kindergarten (actually I am starting the weaning process onto formula b/c it also makes a nut job buts that's a whole other post!)  but I know the benefits of Mommy milk so I do it. The little one was getting fussy so I grabbed my cover ( - best covers out there), sat in my chair and fed my babe. I tried to be discrete and thought I did a decent job, plus I know a number of the guys on the team and they know this is how we do. I might add that my sis in law has a just turned one year old and she is still nursing him and she too is discrete.

Well, last night we were over Mark's friends' house for a visit and little Miss was getting fussy and wanted to eat. It just so happens that one of the friends is the manager of Mark's softball team and said in passing "yeah, "so and so" was asking if any Gruber women were going to be at the game on Tuesday and was wondering if they were going to be feeding their kids in public." Apparently "so and so" was not a fan of my sis in law discretely feeding our babes under-cover the other night. To our defense, Mark's friend and manager said to him "yeah they probably will. If you don't like it, don't look."

So proud of our friend for standing up for our right to feed our babes. It irritates the heck out of me that women in our society are plastered on commercials, magazines, movies and TV exposing their breasts to the world but then the moment a woman places a cover over herself to nurse her baby and use them "for their natural purpose" we are the perverted ones!

I did not grow up around anyone breastfeeding but my husband did as did this friend and I am honored to know such respectful men and educated men. This is why God gave us breasts* and I am blessed to be able to feed my babe and watch both grow and develop through the nutrients I provide for them. I hope that I can educate my kids in the benefits of nursing and the beauty of the body.

*If you read this and do not/can not nurse, please don't think I am judging. Nursing is a commitment that I chose and it is a COMMITMENT! Each and every person has the right to choose what works best for them.


  1. Wow - what a guy! Please thank him for me!

    I am also not an "activist" - won't be calling the milk truck if someone says something mean - but it is such a beautiful thing. I am so blessed to have a supportive husband and the ability to hang out with like-minded women.

    All my kids, the boys too!, know about breastfeeding and how God made it the perfect way for a mom to feed her children. You are exactly right to point out the silliness of a society that posts womens breasts everywhere for men's pleasure but can't bear to see them (or know that they are there) for the proper purpose.

  2. Whaaaaaat?! I can't believe someone said that!! And good job to the friend (I have an idea who it was!) for sticking up for you mommas.

    I agree with you 100%! It's ok to flaunt all the boobs out there, but as soon as a momma wants to feed her baby it's gross and weird. Dumb. It makes no sense.

  3. Yes, I totally agree! I wouldn't call myself an "activist", but I find that as time goes on, this point has become more and more important to me. Breasts exist for breastfeeding! I've seen so many old photographs and paintings of women very casually and openly breastfeeding in the past, in societies where people dressed much more modestly than the standards of today. It used to just be considered totally natural, and not gross or sexual at all. I am NOT the kind of person who is on the vanguard of controversial public displays...but I am trying to get brave and nurse in public withOUT a cover more often(only when my outfits allows for me to do it discreetly! I am not just...hanging all out...haha). I figure if people see it more and more, there's a better chance it will dawn on them eventually that it's perfectly okay.

    Why should I feel embarrassed or ashamed to be doing exactly what mothers have always done for their babies?