Thursday, May 23, 2013


So close to a month ago I went to Florida to visit my two besties from college and Little Miss Miriam came with me. When I got home I was all ready to blog about it but IT WOULDN'T LET ME UPLOAD PICTURES!!! Until, yesterday! :)

So in pictures here is my trip w/the angel baby!

It was early, like 5:45 and she was all smiles! So blessed to have her!
someone fell asleep on the plane!

playing with Miss Jen on our second day!
She loved this toy! If they weren't so expensive I would buy one!
Me w/the two babes! ZuZu is so light!!! Or maybe my baby is just a chunk-a-monk!
Getting ready together! #justlikeoldtimes #partynight
Being goofy! #kissyface

Friends chatting on the beach! Wish we lived closer!

The arm rolls are out of control! Gah! Can't handle the cuteness!

This chic LOVED the ocean! She thought it was the greatest thing that it went away and came back. Over and over and over again!

She is such a good baby. She slept when she was tired no matter where we were. Like on the plane when Hulk Hogan sat next to us and his girth was unbeatable! Ever try nursing on a plane next to a man who is over 6'5" and 300 pounds? NOT EASY! Ok, so it wasn't Hulk Hogan but it could have been his cousin!
The trip was exactly what I needed. I came back feeling refreshed and renewed. I had a fantastic time with Jen and Martha and getting to meet Zuzu for the first time. I miss those girls more than I can ever explain. We pondered how the three of us can be so different but yet still be so close and the only explanation is the Holy Spirit. We all have different gifts, interests, ways of living out our lives but in the end we are strong, Catholic women, grounded in the virtue and totally in love w/the Lord. We respect each other. Love each other through thick and thin and are devoted sisters in Christ. I am so blessed to call these women my friends. Love you girls!


  1. Eeeee!!! SO fun! :) Thank you! I am SO blessed to have YOU as a friend. I am so glad that you and the babe were able to visit. It was truly awesome. I miss you all of the time! LOVE YOUUUUUU!!!!

  2. What a fun trip! And I made your chicken chili the other night and it was YUMMY! I think it would work great as a dip too!

    1. Yay! So glad you liked it! It is delicious w/tortilla chips so I can totally see where the dip idea working out!

  3. Sounds awesome. Glad you got some time away. If you want, you are more than welcome to borrow our Jumperoo. It's in great shape and our boys were huge fans for a long time. Let me know and we can hand it off to you this weekend. It's super simple to snap together. :)

    1. Hmm...I might take you up on that! I think she is tired of our exersaucer and could use something to make her legs a bit stronger!

  4. Oh those ROLLS!!!! AAAHHH! I love baby rolls. So adorable.

    Looks like a great trip. Wishing I had a tiny baby when we go on the plane ;0(