Thursday, May 9, 2013

Present at Mass

Happy Feast of the Ascension!

Did you remember to go to Mass today? We did!! I hate to admit this b/c it was the beauty of the Mass that drew me back to the Church in college but I dread going to Mass on Sundays! It's a battle against time in the morning to get everyone fed, dressed, and out the door into the pew before Father processes down the aisle. Then it's "shush" "stand/sit still" "no" "stop it" "Juli, stop spinning in the aisle" "No, you can't go to the potty, again!" Seriously, I usually leave feeling unholier(is that a word?) than when I walked in!!

But tonight, oh tonight was glorious! Mark and I got to go to Mass ALONE! No kids! Just he and I. It was the best, most needed, most refreshing hour I have had in a really, REALLY long time!

That Friend I talked about of Mark's who stood up for me feeding Miriam watched the girls. (How is he not married? Pray that his wife comes to him soon! He's going to make a great husband and daddy!) Mark and I got out of the car and held hands (say what? who has free hands to hold) walking into Mass, picked a seat super close (no babes to worry about fussing) and knelt down and prayed. Quietly. To ourselves. It was glorious! I can not remember the last time I really meditated on the songs, readings, psalms, homily and was able to be fully present during the consecration. As I knelt there smelling the incense, feeling the sting that resides in my knee from a past surgery, listening the words the priest said, watching him lift the Eucharist in the air and knowing this is what it's all about, I fell in love with being Catholic all over again!!  It's these moments, few and far between though they are, that solidify in my heart my love for Jesus and his Church. And my calling as a wife and mother. It's these moments that recharge me and help me to get through the tough days.

Also, as I sat there, actually next to my husband w/out kids, bags, coats and 5 feet + between us, I fell in love w/him all over again. It was our faith that brought us together. We met on and prayed together from phone conversation #1! It was our faith that guided us through our courtship and it was in front of our Lord that he asked me to be his wife. Then just 7 months later, it was in front of our Lord we professed our love and fidelity to each other,  forever. Forever! And it is with this same faith that we will raise our children and hopefully have them fall as madly in love with Jesus as we are.

It was a good Mass. Thank you Jesus. I really needed that! 


  1. Sounds heavenly. We got a child-free Mass once, for the Assumption. It was amazing.

  2. Yay! That's awesome. Glad you're feeling refreshed. :)

  3. I am SO happy that you got to share that - please try to do it more often!

    We have "date night" every other month (or so). It's always Saturday night and we always start with vigil Mass. I also find it an amazing experience (even if I do have to stop my mind from wandering sometimes - I have ADD even without the kids!)

    Oh, I need the age and contact info of Mark's friend. I have the perfect woman. Seriously. She is such a dear friend. I did a Novena to St. Joseph to find her a husband. Perhaps the Holy Spirit is working ;0)

  4. what a blessing, Colleen! Every not and again I steal away for Mass by myself and it is a beautiful time. Maybe you've heard the saying "it gets easier" lol It does! However just as it was getting easier, we're adding toddlers and new babies back into the mix.
    Mark sounds like a gem! I'll pray for him!

  5. Sorry, I got distracted after you mentioned a great guy in need of a good sweet (catholic?) wife.
    Blogger wouldn't let me go to the link. What?
    Eh, judging by your age, I'm probably too old for him... But had to put my bid in!

    1. Haha! i changed the link, or should i say, fixed it! I was still real new to the blogging world when I was posting those and I got the link wrong. He's almost 30...