Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Five Faves 2

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This picture
October 2008
 This is the one of the only pictures I have of me with my two best friends and Mark. For my birthday in 2008, Mark drove Jen and I to Alabama (a 13 hour drive) for the weekend to see Martha. It was a fantastic weekend filled w/laughter, love and good bbq! It was only a month  later that he proposed to me!!

The only way to peel!
 I saw the red peeler being used on Food Network one time to peel a kiwi and I literally said out loud, "I need that!" Seriously, I always felt like I was wasting more of the kiwi than I was eating because they are so darn hard to peel. Viola...problem solved! It is also great for mango! The green one is great for harder skin fruits and veggies and the orange one, well, I've never used it! But, it looks like it could peel the heck out of something! :)

Birthdays and new babies! With in one week last year 4 new babies were born and this week we get to celebrate their 1st Birthdays! What a wonderful gift it is to welcome a new life into the world and the watch it grow! Also, birthday parties mean cake and ice cream...two of my favorite things! (Does that mean this is 7 favorite things?)

So happy and so proud of herself

Juliana's first J
Speaking of watching kids grow, this week has been a week of milestones for my girls. Miriam is starting the "pull myself up on anything I can" phase and is VERY proud of herself, as you can tell. And Miss Juliana has started writing J's. I can not believe how fast they are growing and changing. Sometimes I want it to all stop and other days I just wish they could bathe themselves and sleep later than 6:30am!

EXPEDIT Shelving unit IKEA Finished on all sides. Can also be used as a room divider.
This bad boy
 I am pretty sure 90% of the people I know have some version of this shelf in their home. The Ikea Expedit shelving unit is AWESOME! We had one and it was great but then as they grew, so did their toys. Just bought another one, along with the fabric bins for the playroom! Haven't quiet finished organizing so I'll post that next week! :) But it's by far my favorite way to store all the toys!

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  1. ok for some reason the link wasn't working from hallie's page to yours, but I figured that was YOU in the little linkie pic.
    I think these expedit's need to be in my house. how do I live without them?? lol
    Actually, I was just looking at someone's lego organization with Trofast and I think I'm going to go that route FIRST. LEGOS ARE EVERYWHERE and they're not even playing with them like they should!!!

    can't wait to hear about Miss M's bday party. she is such a happy baby! (just like my Miss S!)

    1. Well that's annoying that the link didn't work! Grr...but that's what I get for doing it at my sleepiest time of the day! Also, for Legos check out another option bc the bins would be way too big. It's good for dolls, trains, random big toys, puzzles, etc.
      and it's not M's bday yet, she's only almost 7 months. It's my nieces/nephews/friends bday. M is on 11/2!

  2. Like that shelf, aka bad boy, I will have to check it out!

    That is a great pic!

    Congrats Juliana on your first J!