Saturday, May 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes! (vol 5)

Last weekend we took a trip over to MD to visit w/my family for Mother's Day. We didn't do anything special but it was just great to sit down and be able to chat w/the different Mommas in my family
Juli enjoying some noodles at Silver Diner w/Aunt Donna (Miriam's God-Momma)
Speaking of Miriam
Up on all fours! And rocking!
This was her mother's day present to me. She woke up from her nap and was like, boom, belly up and rocking! So proud of her! 

The best mother's day present of all is the fact that MY Momma drove back w/us and has been here all week! She leaves on Tuesday. It has been great to have her around. I am going to miss her when she leaves. Having adult conversation during the day and a able bodied person to watch the kids so I can run an errand in less than an hour is GREAT!!

It was my Dad's Birthday this past Wednesday. He would have been 71. His favorite snack was donuts and chocolate milk. So during our trip to Sam's club we went in search of donuts and you know what...NONE! So we had to settle for gigantic, delicious blue berry muffins! YUM! I think Dad would have approved! 

As I mentioned before, softball season is upon us and miss Juls thinks that softball equals swings and thankfully this week her equation was correct.
She seriously could swing ALL DAY! 
Thursday night Samantha was in her first musical - The Hundred Year Snooze - a loose interpretation of Sleeping Beauty. She did so well! 
peeking out from behind the curtain
And here is a quick video of her solo
She was one of the seven "Graces" - the fairy god mother type ladies

After we came home from the show on Thursday, my worst nightmare occurred. We discovered Samantha had lice! AHHHHHHH!!! It was awful. We didn't suspect anything but she came down from bed and complained a few times so Mark and I check her, and there it was! I am getting itchy just talking about it! I HATE BUGS! Like, REALLY HATE BUGS! Especially when they are in places that they are not supposed to in someone's hair! We turned the house upside-down and cleaned EVERYTHING! We did over 10 loads of laundry in about 15 hours and I, the in-bed-by-10pm-everynight kinda gal was up til after 1am FREAKING OUT! I was that crazy lady vacuuming at 11:30pm. She is much better after the treatment but we need to do the follow up one in a week. I pray this never happens to your kids. It was a nightmare! 

Please join Jen and all others for the 7 QTS!!!

Have a happy weekend!


  1. She must have gotten the lice from the costumes in the play... right?! Ugh. I am glad it's getting better. I didn't know your momma was still there!!! So fun!!! :) I hope it's been wonderful!

  2. Wow! Samantha can sing! Don't let her lose that talent...I never developed mine and I regret it so much. Way to go for her! :)