Friday, February 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Hello February!!

Linking up with the lovely Jen for the first time in A LONG time! :)

January was a hard month. It has been particularly cold here in the 'burgh which means I can't take the girls out (below freezing at least 25 out of the 31 days) and every one is getting cabin fever!! Thank goodness we got Juls a new bike for Christmas and our house in big enough that she can ride it around. 
There were also some health scares for my husband and a miscarriage for me. 
I have never been so happy to flip the calendar! 
And happy to report, he is going to be FINE!

I did get to end the month on a high note. I was able to escape the bitter cold and take a SOLO weekend trip to Naples, Florida to celebrate my friend Jen's 29th Birthday! 
It was super fantastic to be with my dear friend of almost 10 years on this most special day for her. 
We got all dolled up on Friday night, had a few beverages*, did some dancing and had a splendid time. 
*We went from a wine loft to a bar around 9:30. They had a cover charge and as Martha was paying the cover charge and all 3 other girls are walking into the bar, the bouncer stops and cards me! Me, the oldest in the group! I looked at him and said, really? Me? I'm 29! He laughed, looked at my ID and said, 23 at the oldest!
He was forgiven!
Enjoy a few pics of the warmth and sunny goodness that SWFL is:

I want to go back...

Earlier this week, Mark and I went on a tour of a possible new school for Samantha. 
See, her mom and step-dad moved in September about a half hour away...3 or 4 school districts away depending on how you drive there.
We haven't been super happy with her current school (academically) which is extremely frustrating given that it's a private Catholic school we are paying decent money for. 
This school we toured was a public school in a wonderful school district but again, a half hour away with no busing available from our house. Meaning, we would be driving 2 hours a day, every other week, just to get her to and from school. 
It's a little much if you ask me and I am not even sure this is the best route to take. Public school that is.
Sam's only ever been in a small Catholic school and if we are talking number of students, this new school is 10 times the size of her current school! 
Plus, I really feel strongly about Catholic education for as long as it's possible. 
I have no desire to home school but I really want the faith to be integrated into their schooling, especially when Confirmation is just a few short years away. 
We are going to tour another Catholic school that's almost exactly half way between our house and her Mom's. I am really hoping it can work out. It has busing to both our area and her Mom's...It just seems like such a good compromise. 
Prayers for us. This is a hard decision to make. We want the best for Samantha but we also have to keep our other kids and Mark's career in mind.

Speaking of school, I registered Miss Juliana for preschool next year! Unfortunately, with her having a late October birthday she will be in the 3 year old class. I am having hard time with this because Juls is a wickedly smart girl. I have been told numerous times by many people how advanced she is for someone her age. Whether it be speaking, physical ability, or any other milestone. Juls did it above the curve. But, I did some research and talked with some people and they suggested putting her into the 3 year old and see how she does. Then, if I think she is ready, test her into Kindergarten early but if she doesn't pass the test, at least she won't be repeating the 4 year old class. 
I also found a Ready-K program (at the same Catholic school we are going to tour for Samantha) that would be a great fit for Juls. 

They grow up so fast!

And Miss Miriam is 15 months old already!
How did this happen?
She is just sweet as pie but man is she stubborn! If she does not want to do something or really wants a particular item or food, she will LET. You. KNOW!
We went for her check up this morning and she is just a wee-bit smaller than Juls was which is great because that means all the summer clothing will fit! :) She is a bit of a chatterbox but isn't a fan of repeating new words. She will just stare at you if you ask her to say something but then out of nowhere, she'll throw a pillow on the floor and say "Sleep" clear as day! 
Each kid is different and one of most enduring parts of Miriam is her cuddliness.
She loves to sit on your lap and chill out with you. She'll hold your finger and 7 out of 10 times she will fall asleep on you. 
Juli never did that. EVER!

Her favorite places to play are in my kitchen cabinets and on top of the kids table. 
Safety first!

Also a fan of walking around with her head covered...

I have been on a reading kick (one and only benefit to cold days and nights...) and I have fallen in love with the author Lynn Austin! 
She writes Christian Historical Fiction. There is often a romance or two in the story but given that it's Christian, it never crosses that awkward "maybe I shouldn't be reading this!" line. 
 I would HIGHLY recommend  The Refiner's Fire Series  (the first book is free for Kindle readers! )and I also loved Until We Reach Home! Eve's Daughter's was good but it didn't shine a great light on a Catholic priest, so...
Currently reading Hidden Places and so far, so good! 
Check out your local library for the books and ebooks! FREE BOOKS! Who doesn't love Free things!

So, this is totally random but I got 9 hours of good sleep last night. This is not common for many reasons but I was wiped last night. Was in bed at 9:45pm and slept til 7. And ya know, getting up at 7am isn't so bad when you are properly rested. I text Mark and told him I felt like a whole new woman! It's crazy! 
Going to really try to get more nights of sleep like that. I think everyone in my life will thank me! 

Happy Friday Ya'll. Anyone in the South is welcome to send warmth up North! 

Thursday, February 6, 2014


The biopsy is done. Just spoke with the surgeon. They were able to test in the operating room and it's sarcoidosis. Any and all inflammation of lymphnodes is benign. 

No cancer. 

Praise God. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


First let me thank you all for your prayers, emails and kind words. I am so grateful to have such wonderful women in my life.

Mark went and met with the surgeon this past Friday. This appointment was a meet and greet, let the surgeon have a first hand look at all the scans and set up the biopsy. Well, I wasn't able to attend because I was in FLORIDA (more on that later) and I was super nervous b/c I felt like I should be there but Mark was having none of the idea of me cancelling my trip. He was like "you need this trip more than you need to be at this appointment." And he's right on both accounts. The appointment went extremely well. The nurses treated him like their own son and the surgeon had some positive news also. I mentioned that there are 3 possible outcomes and the surgeon is fairly certain that it's the best one of the 3 - sarcoidosis. The only way to prove this is with a biopsy. Plus, he's said he's been wrong before and with Mark only being 31 and having his whole life ahead of him, he is not taking any chances.

The biopsy is taking place tomorrow (Thursday) morning. Not sure of the time just yet but I'm sure it will be at o'dark-thirty! It's a fairly routine outpatient procedure and should only take about an hour. And he should be up and around by Friday. Then we wait for the results. They could be anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks. ::Sigh::

Let me tell you though, after Mark heard how positive the surgeon was and confident in what he saw, Mark's whole demeanor changed. I could hear it instantly in his voice in the message he left as he was leaving the office. It as if all this weight of worry has been lifted off of him. He's had more energy in the past few days then he's had in a month. Now, I am still worried and am cautious of him over working himself but it's so refreshing to have him almost back to his normal self.

Please pray and I'll do my best to keep this updated.