Sunday, May 26, 2013

Me time!

Last Friday, as I sat in my living room realizing that my husband was going to be gone for the 3rd night in a row, I lovingly texted him and asked if I could have the next morning to myself. Time to be out of the house doing whatever I wanted. He granted my request! Miss Miriam is transitioning to formula so I had a good chunk of time! Like 5 hours! Seriously, it's been nearly 7 months that I have been alone for longer than 2 hours. I digress. I did some shopping. Made some returns and had lunch all alone! No one needed anything. No one asking for a bite. Just me. At Panera. Alone!
Soup and Salad. Yum. All mine! :)
As I sat there by myself, I couldn't help but notice a cute little boy playing at another table. He was babbling and fussing but really not a bother at all. I looked up and he was looking at me, I smiled, he glared and I noticed his mom looking at me. It was at that moment that I wished I had one of the girls with me! I wanted her to know that I have a babbling, fussy baby at home, along with a toddler and an almost 10 year old! We are united and this, me eating alone and looking put together, is NOT a normal occurrence! I wished that I could have a sign that said, "Mom of 3! First time out alone in several months!" I felt guilty for being away. It was like I was playing hookie in high school. Sleeping through a class in college. Calling off "sick" from a full time job! It didn't seem natural to be out without kids! It was like I had to justify this meal of peace and quiet!

As mothers we are united. No one knows what it's like to be a Mom til you are a Mom. And I feel connected to complete strangers when I see their growing belly. Or, I hear a Mom battling it out with a toddler in the neighboring aisle in Target. Raising kids is hard. The hardest job around. Running a house is not too far down the list either. Oh and let's not forget, our husbands! Because, I do. I know I do. The kids take so much time and energy it's so easy to just coexist and not sit down and relate. But, I also have to remember it's okay, no, IT'S REQUIRED to take some time for yourself. To recharge. To leave for a bit and get done in 4 hours what would take 4 days of trips with kids in tow!

An aside...Mark said to me Saturday evening after I had been gone all morning and he had run to the store for me but had left the 2 gallons of milk and other various items in the car, "I don't know how you do it!" It's good for me to know that he appreciates what I do all day and know the extent of 'tired' I am at the end of the day. (I also know he works hard and provides for us so I CAN stay home! Thanks Love!)

Here's hoping all you Mommas get some ME time soon!


  1. I know exactly what you mean. On the rare (and amazing)occasions when I actually get out of the house without children, things like that always happen. I see some other mom with her kids, and wish somehow I could communicate to her "hey! I know exactly how you feel! I'm a mom too!!"

  2. Sounds wonderful!

    I always miss my little people when I am away while simultaneously enjoying my freedom. Motherhood is a complicated blessing!

  3. ditto all that was said. I have never truly felt guilty for having time to myself b/c I know how hard I work and give and how much sacrifice is involved. I definitely need to schedule in some me time as it's about to get really crazy up in this house in another week when school is out for summer! LOL
    Gotta make yourself a priority!!

    that soup looks YUM and that was the perfect cool weather day to eat it!

    ps Do you know how often I have been by yourself this past month? My mum has called me twice and I've had to go out to Goodwill (YOU HAVE THE BEST) to pick up furniture that she has found for me! LOL