Thursday, May 23, 2013

...says Juliana

I am not sure about your toddler, but mine is pretty darn funny! When she is not annoying her sisters, melting down because of who knows what, she says some pretty hysterical things! Here is a snippet of the things I caught this week and a classic Juliana moment...I am thinking of making this a regular post! 

In the Bathroom:
Juliana: I need pri-cy (privacy)
Colleen: No
J: (mocking me) I two. I not get pri-cy yet.

Playing doctor:
J: w/a stethoscope - I listen to your belly
C: my belly? Why my belly? What do you hear?
J: I hear 'gusting fings in your belly. Yuck!

J: Ton-tu in my belly. She coming out soon. Then we go to Church
C: Really?
J: Yeah, and she hungry. I have mommy milk for her. She no like bottle. My mommy milk right here...(points to correct area)
*Ton-tu is her imaginary friend that appeared around the time Miriam was born. She is often in her belly and every baby doll that isn't a Disney Princess is, Ton-tu. 

While running through the house in Samantha's flip flops
C: Take the flip flops off
J: (on the verge of crying:) I just going get my husband!
C: (trying not to bust out laughing:) You don't need flip flops to go get your husband!
...a few moments pass
J: I just going to get my other husband can't have two husbands, only one!
J: Hah, I have 3 husbands!

And a classic Juliana moment:
  Let me set the stage. Mark's brother Fred was ordained a priest this past June. He is Juliana's God-father. He has been studying in Rome for 4 years and had to go back after his ordination for a final year of study. We thought it was would be a nice gesture to travel to his last Mass in the USA before he left. Remember Juls was about 22 months old. We get to his Church, find a seat where we can see the altar clearly...and cue scene...

Praying before Mass starts
Juliana: THAT JESUS!!!
Colleen:Shhh!! Where is Jesus?
Juliana: points above and behind us - WAY UP THERE!!! HI JESUS! LOVE YOU JESUS!
*that's what I get for having her say 'HI' and 'Love you' to every Catholic Church we pass

After Communion
Colleen: whispering- Hey Juls, you see Uncle Fred handing out those pieces of bread, that's Jesus!
Juliana: NOT whispering - BREAD! BUTTER? PEANUT BUTTER?
Colleen: Shhh!!!!!!! No, not that kind of bread. No peanut butter. It's plain.
Juliana: Still NOT whispering - Plane? HELICOPTER?? PEANUT BUTTER? HELICOPTER!
Colleen: SHHHH!!! No, not that kind of plane! Stop yelling or I'll smack your butt!
Juliana: crawls as fast as she can down the ENTIRE pew yelling - NO SMACK MY BUTT MOMMY!


  1. Hysterical...I would like just one day in these little-people-brains to see how they make the connections!

    That part with the bread could be an Amelia Bedelia book ;0)

  2. lol! I liked the last story best :-)

  3. This child is awesome. Three husbands? She'll learn one day that one is MORE than enough - who could handle any more!?!