Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wish I typed faster

I am sitting the living room of a dear friend in Naples FL while she sleeps (she works the night shift) and Miriam sleeps (sometimes I feel like she works the night shift too...), so I have to be quiet (not hard, I love the quiet) but I am uncertain of how much time I have.
I wish I typed as fast as my loving husband and thought on my feet b/c I would add to my 7 QTs but instead I will just write...

Miriam and I came down to Naples for a lil r&r on Thursday and stay ti Monday. It is GORGEOUS down here. I am so glad I took Mark seriously when he said "just go!" in early March. I needed to get away. Spend sometime w/old friends and just relax for a few days. I now understand when people say after you have a few kids, just dealing w/one is like a walk in the park. It also helps that God blessed us w/the most chill baby in the world. I love her to pieces and know that trip would not have been possible if her personality was different.

We went to the beach this morning. I love the beach. It had me looking forward to our first family beach vacation happening in late June. We will be traveling to Bethany Beach, DE and staying beachfront for a whole week! Miriam was a fan of the beach (see pics on FB or Instagram Cgruber14) of her in her swimsuit testing out the water. She was so chill about it and just sat there letting the water run over her legs.

I miss Mark and Juls and have gotten to chat briefly w/them. Juliana is so funny. She is going to be the life of the party when she gets older, wait...she already is the life of most parties.

Life gets busy but it's okay to take sometime for yourself, and it doesn't hurt when that time is in FL w/great friends and you get a tan! :)

Peace out!

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