Friday, August 2, 2013

SEVEN QuiCk TaKEs!!!!

Is it August ALREADY?!?! Where in the world has the summer gone? Seriously, warm months fly too quickly...but it's probably because we are busy, busy. busy!

Joining Jen and practically everyone else in the blogger world for 7QTs

...and go! 

You know those super tacky, often eye catching commercials that discount stores and used car lots run to draw you into their "Lowest Prices EVER" sales? Well, they work! :) Fireworks, booming male voice and repetition of day and time, day and time, day and time, day and time... :) Man that marketing team is making a killing! Well, a local furniture store ran one of those commercials last week and knowing that Mark was in desperate need of a new recliner, I suggested we go. He agreed. Little did he know that we would find this beauty
perfection in table form!

75% off people! 
He is so good to me because he knew we weren't leaving with out it! Our old table had seen better days, in like the 1970s, and I was more than ready to upgrade. It's so pretty. Did I also mention that it was a STEAL!! And we got it delivered the SAME DAY! 
Oh and Mark found a recliner. Also 75% off! 
Thank you tacky commercial. Thank you very much! 

At some point this past week I received this photo
If this is what the 90s look like, I would never go back.
in a text from my sister. Me, Mom and Dad, May 1992 
Yes that is me...the blonde in the front with the "at-home" haircut from my loving, well meaning and completely untrained beautician mother. My outfit is most likely something out of a circus that passed through town bag of clothes we were given and please, please,  please take note of my father and I's matching shoes! Oh and let's not fail to point out the ridiculously over-sized glasses on my face! 
Unfortuntely, this wasn't just a one time, mishap kind of day. This is what I looked like from age 7-13...
I paid my dues people. My "awkward stage" lasted forever six long, hard years. 
Please don't cut your kids hair. Call me. I'll pay for a professional to do it. Consignment shops are all the rage too. Oh and buy a mirror. Make her look in it.

Speaking of kids hair, this chick 

 The. Best. Hair. Ever! 
And can rock the pigtails with the best of them. 
is my favorite on her entire head.

 I  will never, ever cut her hair. I pray that she keeps these heavenly locks for her life. She wouldn't be my Juliana with our them! 

On the topic of being Juliana here's a quick convo between she and I that took place at lunch today:

Juliana: Hears fire house siren in the background ...I don't like that sound Mommy.
Me: It's okay honey, it's just the fire house signaling they need more firemen. 
Someone needs help and the firemen will go help them.
Juliana: One day, when I grow up, I'm going to be a fire-girl
Me: Okay, you can be a fire-girl
Juliana: laughing I don't want to be a fire girl...I just want to be a Juli-girl! 

Of course, a Juli-girl. It's what every girl dreams of being! 
*will be posting more great convos with Juls in the next day or so...keep a look out. They are a riot!
she did it all by herself  #proudmommymoment

How old before kids can write in a line? Or until the letters don't take up the entire page? Got this white board in the Target Dollar Section and she loves it! Really hoping it will encourage her to learn far it has worked!

Earlier this week I hosted the first Pray and Play for the Pittsburgh Catholic Momma's group that I am apart of. It was a smashing good time! :) The general idea is that we will gather in a member's home and pray for a portion of the time and then play for the other time. We really wanted to bring prayer into the home and show the kids that we are a community. A group of believers and we need to join together and ask the Lord to bless us and thank Him for bringing us together. 
I was kinda freaking out because the response was SO positive it looked like there might be 27 kids and 9 Mommas!!! WOW!! And where the heck is everyone going to sit? Well, a few Mommas had to cancel last minute and it only ended up with 19 kids and 5 Mommas. And the kids played outside for most of the time. Thank you Lord for hearing my "please be good weather" prayer!
This week we went over the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary. I used this link to print off some visuals for the kids (I'll have more next time...not enough for all the kids...a good problem to have!). And then we prayed one decade of the Rosary. I think we could have done another one but I didn't want to push my luck at the first meeting.

And today this not so little girl is 9 months old!!!
She's been out as long as she was in! She is a joy to have in the house! She is getting into all of Juliana's things and I just laugh. It's good for both of them to figure out how to live with the other...neither are going anywhere anytime soon! We go for her well visit on Tuesday and I'll post her stats then. My guess is she's 23lbs and 29.5" long. 

Happy Friday Y'all! The Hubs and I are going on our anniversary date this weekend! Hope you have as much fun as we will!!!


  1. i was thinking that we could have done another -- perhaps we can decide to pray as much as we can depending on the kids that particular day -- someday a decade, somedays a few, and evetually the whole rosary ;)

  2. Love those curls!! I've got very curly hair myself and it is definitely easier to manage when longer. Also, since you asked, writing in a line is usually somewhere between ages 4-6.

    1. Thanks your name! :) The curly hair is super easy to manage compared to her older sister who has long, thick, straight hair. Plus, curls dress up any outfit! Gotta thank her Daddy for them, cause there isn't a lick of curl in my hair!

  3. Just found you through the Conversion Diary link-up:) My name's Julie and my mom has always called me Julie-girl too! It must be a Julie thing:) I will be checking out more of your cute blog!

    1. Hey Julie! Yeah, she is a fan of her name! Thanks for checking out my blog...I'm still pretty new to the whole thing. :)