Friday, July 26, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

Linking up with Jen and all the others...

I can not believe that it's the end of July! Where has this Summer gone? In less than 1 month Samantha will be starting 5th Grade! 5th Grade!! This is crazy to me since when I first met her she was 4 1/2! Well, Miss almost 5th grader has spent the last week at a Christian camp and returns home tomorrow. She went last year for the first time and has been talking about it since we drove her home! I am praying that she is on fire for the Lord and shows it by playing Barbies with Juls (per Juli's request at the news of Samantha's return!)

Speaking of Juliana, do any of your children become COMPLETE MANIACS right before they show visible signs of being sick? For all who know Juls, she is pretty high energy, but earlier this past week she was more hyper, more defiant, more tantrum throwing then normal. And then, BOOM, on Thursday morning she woke up with a cough and a runny nose. I have noticed this in the past and another friend has mentioned to me that it happens with her kids too...

Why do you blog? Do you care if anyone reads your blogs? I mean, when all the well known bloggers started out, did they have that desire to become "famous" in the blogging world? Or, where they just gifted writers who were recognized for their God given talents? Do you want to be "famous" in the Catholic world? I believe there is a part of everyone that wants that seat of honor, but Jesus was quick to say this was not, in fact,the most honorable. 

I was able to get out of the house kid-free twice this week! ::Happy Dance:: And one of the times it was to a Book Group with the Pittsburgh Catholic Momma's. We are reading "My Sisters' the Saints", by Colleen Carroll Campbell and the saint she spent talked about this week was Terese of the Child Jesus. Known for her little way, Terese was wise enough to realize that not everyone is made the same. Not everyone is going to be the wise teacher, or the gifted student but even the meek and relatively unknown or unnoticed person can serve the Lord completely. In the small ways that we live. Which is why I asked the previous question about blogging. I am more comfortable being unknown or unnoticed but there is a fire inside of me that wants to break out and let the Holy Spirit take over. Not just in blogging but in may other aspects of life.

The second night I got out was to a fellow (Pgh)Momma and blogger Nicole's Usborne Book Party. She is hands down one of the most fun people I know in Pittsburgh. You having a party, you want Nicole there! Bright eyed, quick wit and to top it off, a good Catholic woman! Any way, she sells these AMAZING kids books...have you heard of them? Usborne Books! Check them out! They are addicting! And kids love them! I didn't get any this time (yet) but I did schedule a party! Holla...Free books! :)

So a few post back, I asked for prayers for a special intention. Please, please, please keep praying. Out of respect for the parents, I won't go into much detail but they were given word that their child has a metabolic disorder that will end their child's some point. The tell tale signs have not begun to show and the babe is seemingly normal and healthy as can be. It could start as early as 2 and as late as 15, but the outcome is the same. Pray for miracle. Pray for God's will to be done. Pray for the Holy Spirit to fill them with all the graces they need to deal with such a diagnosis.

This is the first weekend since April that we haven't had a birthday, been on vacation/out of town, or a holiday party!!  So, we decided to have a cookout, to celebrate my sister in laws birthday! :) Grilled delicious food, cake, ice cream and good AMAZING company, Oh twist my arm...

Happy weekend ya'll! :)


  1. I blog to 1. keep a record of my day-to-day life (like a diary with pictures!) 2. keep my family and anyone else who cares up to date on our family since I left Facebook and 3. because I like to write and it's an outlet for me.

    I don't really care if anyone reads it and, in all things, I would NEVER want to become famous, Catholic or otherwise. That always seems to bring Satan closer and, really, I can live without that! If other people want to be in the spotlight and can handle it, cool. Not for me.

    I post my posts as a witness of how we try to live out our Catholic family life - trying always, even in struggles, to give all the glory to God. Sometimes I succeed, often not but, that's my purpose.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. thank you so much for your kindness. girl, i love you, too :)

    um, so yeah, i don't feel like that...i tend to see more messiness than beauty in myself -- something i am acutely aware that i need to kick, but it helps keep me grounded and all sorts of real, which brings around to why i blog. there's such a need for people to see beauty in ALL of this life. i try to capture that and share it -- with my family first, and then with others. sure, let's be honest, i'd like others to read what i write. when one finds beauty, one often wants to share that beauty, right? i know that i do. also i know that if others don't read, that's completely fine, too.

    exciting: when i speak of finding beauty (in what some might consider to be a generi way), and desiring beauty, and sharing beauty, i am ultimately attempting to share God with the world in a subtle way as God IS Beauty:) it's good stuff, girl, good stuff.

    um, perhaps direct people to -- that's where your friends should grab them up ;) hehehe not the generic usborne site ;)

    Oh! get this: i found out one of the authors of one of the kane miller books is a pittsburgher -- i might try to get her to do a storytime for us sometime!!! :D

    1. that comment was a blog post itself ;) whoops.