Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Juliana Says...

So last week on my Seven QTs, I included a small convo with Juls and I promised to post more this week...Sorry it took me so long, I know all 11 of your were dying to read them!
While discussing an upcoming trip to MD:
Me: We'll go to Maryland in a month
Juli: With Daddy?
Me: Yes, Daddy's coming
Juli: And then he's flying back?
Me: Yes, he'll fly back before us.
Juli: In a kite?
Me: ROFL!!!! 
 The other night at dinner: 
Mark: James is going to Charlotte for a few days next week...
Juliana: (interrupting) I have a friend named Charlotte!! 
Me: You do? 
Juliana: Yes, I do! She's my friend. You don't know her, it's none of your business. 

Me: What color is this?
Juls: Let me see...(pulls it really close to her face)...I don't know. I not have my tontacts in!

Juls: One day Mommy I have a tank top with holes in it and I have mommy milk and I feed Miriam...
Me:...No, you will never feed Miriam your Mommy milk. 

Juls: Mommy! Look at the monkey outside!
Me: What?
Juls: That fingy with a tail on it's butt!
Me: Oh, the squirrel?
Juls: He want to come inside!
Me: Absolutely not!
Juls: He want to... :) I pet him...:)
Me: ...

J: I wish I had a farm
Me: Why exactly do you wish that? What grows on a farm?
J: Babies!! And baby dolls! 
Me: ...

J: I have a carrier on
Said carrier (I am aware it's a is she)

Me: Probably you shouldn't zip it up, she won't be able to breathe
Juliana: She doesn't want to breathe! :::evil, all knowing laugh to follow:::

Gets into her Cozy Coupe Car outside:
Juliana: (in the most calm voice) Mommy, there's a bug on my car...(still totally calm)...Mommy, get it, I am freaking out. 

Juliana: I forgot my baby
Me: Oh no, that's not good. Where'd you forget her?
J: At my friends house. It's okay, she's pretend...
Me: Who's pretend? Your friend or your baby?
J: My friend! It's a real baby Mom.
Me: of course...

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