Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Carrying my Cross

Ever have a "woe is me day?" Where you feel like the whole world is against you?
Well i do.
Especially with a 2 year old...but ya know what? She's sassy, smart, compassionate and healthy! Aside from tubes in her ears and insisting on having a cough so she can get "the juicy" medicine every once in awhile, she is perfect!
I follow Hallie on twitter (tweet tweet) and she asked for prayers for a friend. I clicked over to check out her story and my heart broke to pieces. Her friend's brand new, less then a month old baby is going to live with Jesus in Heaven. This all came out of no where to them as she had (what I could quickly gather) a seemingly normal pregnancy. He never made it out of the hospital. This was their third baby to pass away.

I. Can. Not. Imagine. 

Miss Miriam will be 10 months next week and there is NOTHING I love more than to watch her grow.

Feeling blessed.

Also, awhile back I asked for prayers for a little person with an undiagnosed metabolic disorder, well some more tests have been run and the little guy has Juvenile Tay-Sachs. It's a little confusing to explain but Mark described it as "your brain's garbage disposal doesn't work." Fat builds up in the brain bc of a lacking enzyme and your brain can no longer communicate with your body. There is no cure and little treatment other than keeping the child comfortable. Currently he isn't showing any signs of TS which is a good thing but the regression is inevitable. Pray for this young family. I am not above asking for a miracle but I also pray for God's will to be done. I know His Grace is Enough.

Isn't it amazing that when you feel like your trials and burdens are so heavy, but the Cross you've been asked to bear is minuscule compared to others. And to know that God only gives you what you can bear makes me stand in awe of those with much heavier crosses. It makes me want to be their Simon and carry it with them, or for them. But I cant. I'm not strong enough to carry their cross. When it seems unimaginable to have to bear that load, it's because it is! the Lord knows our strength and would not give us a Cross that was unbearable. I will do all that I can to lessen their load but we must lean on the Lord. He carried the heaviest Cross of all and He's the strongest hand to help carry our Cross.

Praying for all those with sick babies and babies in Heaven. Nothing hurts more than to see your child suffer.


  1. Beautifully written and thought out. Thank you for this. I needed it today. :)

  2. It's a good day for me to read this. It's been a long two weeks.

    It's so important to keep everything you mention in mind. Our trials and crosses are heavy for us, yet, I have NO idea how others live with theirs.

    God is so good.