Saturday, August 10, 2013

Seven QTs vol9?

Does anyone else have to look back every week to see what volume that are on for 7QTs? I am lucky if I remember I'm washing clothes that day much less a number from a week ago!!

Anyway, joining up with Jen for another week passing by...


This past Tuesday I took Miss Miriam to the doctors for her 9 month check up! I can not believe this girl will be 1 year old in less than 3 months! Mark is big on numbers (hello engineer) and he loves to know her stats and where she falls in the percentages. So, here they are
Height: 29.5" (just as I guessed)
Weight: 22lbs...she has only gained 6oz in 3 months! 
(yes, that means I had a 21+lber at 6 months)
Head: 47cm

That puts her at 97% for height, 93% for weight and 98% for head circumference. 
She is a big girl but I discovered she is the EXACT same height and weight Juliana was at her 9 month check up! But Juli's head was bigger by a cm...

And it's no wonder Miriam hasn't gained much weight, she is crawling and pulling up, cruising and exploring. She is also beginning to say a few words/phrases. 
Thank you (tan tu)
Hello (heh-do)

Last Saturday Mark and I went to the Pirates' game for our 4th Anniversary celebration! We went last year for our anniversary and had such a good time that I decided we would make it a tradition! It helps that they are #1 and I got great seats and there are fireworks afterwards...we had a great time! 

I made it to Adoration this past Thursday for the first time in...
(crickets chirping)...
(still chirping)...
I had 35 glorious minutes to pray and be silent. 
I need to do it more. 
I think of it as refueling my spiritual tank

And while there I snagged a book off the shelf with prayers and meditations specifically for Adoration. I was reading a section in the back and this top paragraph hit it right on the head...
You are worthy of all that Jesus has to give you because He deems you worthy. He, the Lord and God himself, deems YOU worthy of ALL that HE has to give...which is EVERYTHING!! 

This was the perfect reflection for me and probably many others this week after the article Simcha posted on the NCR. I wrote some reflections on it already but was able to have a good chat with a friend about the article and the messiness of life hidden behind the edited pictures and hunky-doory feel to some blogs. We both like the "keep it real" type blogs with a bit of sweet and sassy mixed in. We both openly talked about the mess in our was good to know that my mess isn't any worse than what others are dealing with.

I can't think of much else to write about so here are pictures of my little ones for your viewing pleasure! :) 

Have a blessed week!! :) 


  1. Miriam is just letting her personality shine these days! I just love it. :)

  2. Your girls are SO cute. And Opal was a mere 17 lbs at her 9 month check-up last week- she's wasting away ;)

    1. Thank you Kellie! 17 isn't bad...your beauties are perfectly petite! :)

  3. My kiddoes are always close to if not off the charts. There's just more to love on!

    1. Yes there is! Plus, I feel like my kids pack on the pounds and then come to a screeching halt once they start moving around! Thank for checking out my post!