Saturday, July 13, 2013

7 QT's (vol ?)

Joining Jen and all the others for a quick 7 recap
Last Saturday was my hubby's birthday! The big 3-1! We did a blow out party last year to celebrate so we thought we would keep it simple and go out on a DATE!!!! He did get to hang out with friends early in the day and do manly things like ride on a tractor and pull down a tree (Que: Tim the Tool Man Taylor - ARGH ARGH ARGH with a little chest beating)! He came home early enough that I could get a shower and get all prettied up for him before his Mom came over with his sister's kids and babysat all 6 kids by herself! I figured out that at one point in her life she had kids very close to the ages of the 6 of them ( 7, 6, 5, 4, 2.5 and 8 months...that woman is a saint!). We went to Outback (yum) and saw Man of Steel (eh, it was okay) but most importantly we were alone! It was great! 

Speaking of alone, Mark and I were chatting in the car the other day and some how the topic of being home alone came up. He jokingly asked the last time I was in our home, alone. I thought about it and it's been 8 months at least, but probably more like 10. And for an extended period of time, over a year! He looked me point blank in the eye and said "I'm so sorry. I'll take the kids away soon!" But honestly, I don't mind being home with the kids what I do miss is being able to OUT of the house with out the kids! 

I did get to the gym this week for the first time since Miriam was born. There are innumerable excuses as to why but I will spare you. Anywho, I got there just as the biggest storm of the summer was rolling in. I watched a black cloud a least a half mile to a mile wide,  roll over the parking lot as I pedaled away on the bike (darn knee). I watched light posts bend and trash and leaves swirl around. And then the lights flickered and went out. No amount of getting healthy is worth risking my life, so I was out! Traffic lights were going out all over and the power was out at home. The one time I go to the gym...figures! 

So I mentioned in an earlier post this week that Samantha's Mom and Step-dad bought a new house. It was going to be a pain and a serious sacrifice on our part to keep up with the way things are now. We got word yesterday that the contract fell through and they are no longer moving into that house! I have always been one to believe that everything happens for a reason. They will move one day and when that day comes it will be a struggle but I am breathing a sigh of relief that life can continue as normal for a bit longer!

I would ask for prayers for a special intention for a family member. Getting some tests and check-up on Monday, so please add that to your list. 

Next week is Mark and I's 4th anniversary! In some ways I can't believe it's been 4 years and in others I feel like we've known each other forever! Maybe I'll jump on the band wagon of all the other bloggers telling their "how we met" story soon.

In completely unrelated news I just got the Iphone 5 and got a sweet new case for it! 
Oh probably close to 8 years ago I went to Miami with a college friend and the artist Romero Britto had artwork displayed throughout the city and a show room in Key West. I was in love! Bright, bold, colorful art! It spoke to me! He also does work with Disney! Love it! 
iPhone 5 Hard Case - Britto, pop art, cubism, bright, colorful, heart, graphic designs, retro, hipster, miami style
I got the one on the left from this Etsy shop
And to top it off, I was able to trade in my 4S Iphone for $200 towards my new Iphone! AWESOME!!!

Have a great weekend! Hope you have as many cookouts as we do! I love Summer!

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  1. Praying for your intention.

    I'm guessing #3 was on Wednesday...I was driving through that giant cloud. Scary. Glad you're ok.