Friday, July 5, 2013

It's been a minute...

Apparently I have been off the blogging train for almost a month! Wow, time flies when you're having fun and fun was had!

June was full of traveling. Lots and lots of traveling but that also meant it was filled with birthdays, baby showers, THE BEACH, family, friends and YUMMY FOOD! Seriously, June was an awesome month!

The weekend of June 14-16th, I took the two littles with me down to MD to celebrate my Momma's bday and my sis in law and bro's baby shower! A nephew...carrying on the Perry name! Super excited about that! It was a great weekend but I will say, traveling with 2 small people makes for an exhausting trip. Thank goodness for my amazing sisters and nieces who bent over backwards to help in anyway they could. A big shout out to my sis Christine who helped clean up Miriam's vomit after I had the genius idea to try and switch formulas. DUH! Won't do that again.

While I was away, Mark hosted Samantha and 3 friends for a 10th Birthday party and sleepover! I told him her was crazy but he didn't want to hear it! :) All went well except they didn't go to sleep until 2am! That so wouldn't have happened if I was home...When the cat's away...

So after traveling 5 hours home that Sunday, we had a family birthday party for Samantha which was so wonderful but I was wiped! And then, the next day I had to clean up, unpack and start packing for the beach. Packing a family of 5 for a 7 day trip is no small task and it took 5 days to accomplish, not to mention the menu for the week at the beach, related shopping list and all the other list made in weeks prior! But, IT WAS SO WORTH IT!! If you are questioning whether you should go on vacation, do it! Pull the trigger and go! Memories last a lifetime. And that's what spending a week together is all about, making memories. I will post some pics of the trip in the next day or two but here's how it went:

Left at 8:15pm Friday and arrived at 2:30am at my sister's beach house (no beach traffic, holla!)
Go to the beach and hang. Checked into our place at 3pm. Went to Mass.
Sunday - Friday - got up, bathing suits on, beach and pool all day, dinner, ice cream, beach, bed.
Perfect. Couldn't have been better. 

I have spent the last week unpacking and cleaning, celebrating the 4th, more picnics, more food and tomorrow is Mark's birthday. A date night for us!!

Hope every had a happy and blessed 4th!

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