Saturday, April 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes (vol 4?) Saturday Edition

It's been a hard week... and I didn't think I had time or energy to do this but Mark too Sam and Juls w/him to work on friends house and Miriam is asleep. ::sigh::

This past week marked the 1 year anniversary of my dad passing from this life to the next. 
April 16th will forever be a day of sadness and peace in my heart. 
My dad and I on my wedding day. So blessed to have him there.   
He battled liver cancer for 3 1/2 years. Those were hard years but they were so full of joy too. He saw 3 of his kids get married, welcomed a new granddaughter into the family (and knew Miriam was on her way before he passed), was honored for his time and service in the City of College Park, and lived every moment as it was his last. He was a fighter. He was a pain in the rear end but there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of him and Thank God for the woman he (and mom) raised me to be. 

Speaking of my dad, Juls knew him and remembers him vividly. We also have pictures around the house and we visit the cemetery when we go to MD. The other day amid her playing she comes to me and says
"I going somewhere. I going to see Granpappy at the cemetery. I go visit him in Maryland."
Heart. Melting.
I believe that he was playing with her.

I spent most of the week switching out clothes in both the girls rooms and in my room. 
We have been given bags of clothes from a neighbor and I am never one to turn down clothes but it's getting OUT OF CONTROL!
I have 11 bins of clothes from size newborn - 3T. This does not include all the clothes in their closets and dressers.
Beyond. I, the organizer, was completely overwhelmed trying to make some sense of all the clothes but I did have a "helper" who was unpacking and "trying on" all the clothes and another who was trying to eat everything w/in her reach. You figure out which one was which.

Although it was a tad warm this week, the clothes switching had to happen b/c Miriam and I are going to FLORIDA on Thursday to visit Jen and Martha!!!! Hello sunshine, warm weather, good friends and wine. I am 100% certain there will be wine. There better be wine (hint hint...I like white or blush. No red please)

Speaking of trips, it's less than a month til my Momma comes to visit. I miss my momma and can't wait to have her around. I am not thinking we will be doing much but her company is all I need. I wish we lived closer but you can't have it all!

So last Saturday we had a baby shower for my sis in law who is due in a couple weeks. This will be #14 on Mark's side so we got this shower thing down to a science! We are very practical people so the favor is always something you can use. This time another sis in law made washcloth cupcakes!
The washcloth cupcakes in the top left box. My fruit kabobs and the name banner I made for the shower and for them to keep. 

The picture above should be called Pinterest made me do it!

While writing I had some plain greek yogurt w/honey, strawberries and granola. I am not really a health nut but I am trying to not have so much fake sugar in my life and find different ways to get protein. It was okay. A little bit. Almost like sour cream but hopefully it will keep me full for longer than regular yogurt. I have no idea how people gain weight with small children. Every time I sit down to eat, someone needs something. I end up either not eating, taking small bites 10 minutes apart or having to wait til they are asleep. One day I will have a hot meal. But then I will miss their littleness. We can never be happy! 

Don't forget to check out Grace who is filling in for Jen  as they settle in at home w/her newest little man! 
Happy week all!

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