Wednesday, October 9, 2013

First Day(s) of Preschool

Miss Juliana has started Preschool! Mark and I went to the Orientation on Monday morning and it seems like it's going to be the perfect place for her! She had a hard time at first because there were ALOT of people in the room. All the little kids, the high school students that help the kids, and at least one parent for every child.
I am certain we were violating some fire code!

Anywho, she had a lovely time and awoke yesterday morning requesting that she go to school but I had to explain to her that school wasn't open, only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays! So, when she went to bed last night with the knowledge of school in the morning, she was thrilled!

She picked out her outfit! It's a jungle out there, baby!

Styling Girl!

Proud to use her backpack for school!

She was a tad nervous of going in without Mommy and Daddy but we assured her that the 3 lovely young ladies that she played with on Monday would be there with her, she was more at ease.
Mark took her up to the school this morning. He said that when he tried to get her to talk to the kids her age, she clung to his leg but at the first sight of Ali, the high school girl that meets her at the door, she let go of his hand, grabbed hers and off she went!
No tears. No looking back. No wave. Just off to school she went!

Okay, let me just say, doing anything with one kid is so much easier than with 2!!

Since Juli's school is close to home, about a minute car ride, if that, I decided to head to the gym with Miss Miriam! I always have grand plans of getting there with the two of them but it just never happens! But with one, it seems like a piece of cake.
Child care opens at 8:45am and we were there at 8:50. This was her first time at the gym but she just toddled on in and started exploring the toys, paying no mind to me sneaking out the door!
I was able to work out for an hour before we left, swung by Aldi for a few things and made it to the school in plenty of time for Miriam to have a bottle and a cat nap!

This is all before 10:15am people! #winning!

We walked down to meet the little preschooler at the door, (I did NOT want to be late picking her up on the first would I have felt terrible!) and right at 10:30 she came walking out with her student helper, art project of leaves glued to paper in hand!
Art project 1 of 1 Billion to be completed before 12th Grade Graduation

She was so proud, so grown looking that I just couldn't help but beam myself!

A new chapter in our lives has begun! So excited for this journey! :)

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  1. How exciting! Look at that big smile! Glad to hear that she is enjoying school. :)