Friday, October 4, 2013

7 QTs - Phone Photo Dump edition

I take so many pictures in a week its ridiculous! I have over 500 pictures on my phone and about 40+ videos. The camera is the main reason I got the Iphone 5 with 32G of storage. I don't play games and certainly don't let the kiddos play games. But pictures, I got lots of pics! 


 October is a CRAZY month in this family! It's packed full of birthdays including Juliana's and mine! Juliana beginning preschool on MONDAY, Samantha has a busier schedule then some Hollywood celebrities and Mark will be taking the Professional Engineering exam on the 25th. Plus getting Halloween costumes in order and planning Miriam's 1st Birthday party which will be in less than a MONTH!! 
I'm tired just thinking about it!

isnt this how your 11 month old plays on the slide?

sweet. as. pie

front teefies are finally making an apperance!

giving her cup some love

And, she has started to walk! Like for real, in public, outside, all around the house, anytime she gets a chance, she is walking! 
I am so proud of her and it's such a blessing to be home with her and witness her growing and changing every single day. 
Can't wait to share about her 1st bday party. If you follow me on Pinterest you might have a clue! 


Last week Mark was sick! and Juls was feeling particularly loving and sat still long enough to give Daddy some "get well soon" snuggles. 
She loves her Dada oh so much... which is why she was trying to fix my fridge with a chainsaw
 Yes she has a toy chainsaw. Apparently, it tickles if you put your hand on it. Pray she never gets her hands on a real chainsaw. She'd get the tickle of a life time! 


 They love this. I love the photo it creates! And I am the crazy trusting wife/momma taking the picture. 
He's only dropped a kid once... ;)

Lovely Fall Days in the 'burgh! 
shadow picture!

sister love. for like a minute.

rays of sunshine!
So. Full. Of. Life! 
Nerd Alert. Cutest. Nerd. EVER!

fluffy skirt. reindeer dog. NEON!

One must twirl in a fluffy skirt!

Happy Friday! Check out Jen and the Gang!

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