Friday, October 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Yet another Friday and another week flying by!

You know one thing I wish I could go back in time to tell my younger, non married, childless self...enjoy shopping alone! The browsing, the limitless hours that could be spent trying clothes on and wandering from store to store.
It's just such a rare occurance these days that when I do get out, I soak up every minute of it!
Old Navy was having a huge sale last weekend and I had some returns to make in the mall, so Mark kindly offered to take the kids for a bit and let me go alone!
I really needed some sweaters for Fall and Winter and I found some that are adorable! I'm a sucker for stripes, polka dots and apparently elbow patches!
I took this picture in the dressing room and showed it to Mark when I got home...
LOVE it!
He told me I look like a high school student. Considering I will be 29 in a week, I'll take it!
While at the Mall I returned a few items that my sister had sent the girls b/c they were the wrong sizes. There is a reason I buy their clothes at consignment stores...I love kids' clothes! They are so cute that I had to use MAJOR self control while in Sears
for Juls...gonna be her 3rd bday photo outfit

And the skirt for Miriam...It's adorable!
The two girls are growing so quick and there are days when I just want to stop time and live with these little forever! But, time marches on and Juliana will be 3 on the 22nd and Miriam will be 1 on November 2nd.
And Mark thought since they are growing so fast, Juls should be allowed to drive Miriam in the powerwheels the other day

This is totally safe. And legal. And...such a DAD thing to encourage!
This weekend we will be celebrating Juliana's birthday!! She will have a shared party with her cousin who is turning 8 but her birthday is the 24th and her mom happens to be Juls' God-mother...follow that? :)
Well, Miss J loves her some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and asked for Minnie Birthday.
So I got on my thinking cap and Man, isn't it so tempting to just go to town on birthday decorations?
Between Etsy, Pinterest, Instagram and Google there are a million + ideas out there!
The main theme is Pink with white polka dots but I did make a Minnie Birthday banner and am going to make a Minnie cake (just the outline of her head, it will be pink with white polka dots)
Here's the banner as it was being made

It was so fun to make!
I downloaded the font offline and Mark uploaded it into Word for me. I printed Happy Birthday on Cardstock and colored in the letters with a metallic Sharpie Paint Marker.
I am beyond pleased with how it turned out! :)
How do you stay organized with kids and all the different activities that are going on in the week?
I use my phone to keep track ofeverything, but particularly Samantha's activities bc we have a shared Google Doc that both families can add to but since Mark doesn't have an Iphone, he can't see it all the time. So on a random trip to Target, I spotted this magnetic, dry erase calendar for $1.97 and it's be a fantastic addtion to our kitchen!
Each of us gets a row and I edit it every Sunday evening. This has helped Mark to know whats going on during the week and gives Samantha a visual of her week too.
And it's chevron...LOVE!
Mark is taking his PE exam next Friday (My Birthday!!!) and I am praying that he does well. He spent all last Saturday taking a practice exam and he did well on it but the real deal is in a week. I have so much faith in his abbility to pass as he is wickedly smart but any extra prayers that you can say would be great!
And speaking of Birthdays, my mom and sister will be flying in the weekend of Miriam's 1st Birthday to help us celebrate! We haven't been able to get down to MD as much as I would like, so it's a great blessing that they have the freedom and means to travell up here! It's hard to be away from family especially since the girls are ever changing but it just makes the visits that much sweeter when they occur!
Happy Friday y'all! Hop on over to Jen's and check out her wittiness and all the others linking up!

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