Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes (vol 2)... That moment when

I try to live moment to moment but it's hard when I am a perpetual planner, hate spontaneity and feel panicked when things don't go as planned! My meek life as a Stay at Home Mom is filled w/"moments" planned and not but I often find myself thinking or saying out loud,

That Moment When:

You brew a cup of coffee. 
Life until that point was calm, no one had a poopy diaper, spilled their fruit on the floor, the baby was asleep, the phone wasn't ringing, life as we know it wasn't ending (or at least according to the two year old). But somehow, some way, as the last fresh, delicious drop of coffee is falling into the mug and, pardon my language, all hell breaks loose. Thus, you are stuck w/a cup of warm (not hot), close to room temperature coffee. Again.

You smell dinner cooking in the Crockpot.
It's the end of nap time. For some reason you toddler is crankier after nap than before, your 4th grader is due home any moment w/loads of homework and the babe is particularly fussy. And then, you smell it, DINNER wafting up the stairs!! Thank you Jesus for speaking to me this morning and telling me to cook dinner at 9am when all is good in the world and not at 4:30pm when everyone is cranky and waiting for Daddy to get home! 

School is cancelled for snow!
One of the perks of living in a cold weather state is snow days! Now, it pretty much snows all the time but will accumulate only to 2-3" at a time. However, this past Wednesday, Samantha had a snow day and to make it even better, Mark stayed home and played in the snow w/Sammy and Juls! They made a gigantic snowman

A view of our backyard in the morning

Sammy and Dad making a snowman

Mark is almost 6'2"...tall snowman! Love my little puffy pink Juls! :)

Finished lasted 2 hours and then it fell over! The weather reached 42 degrees that day!

You read the word "maternity"...
and you think to yourself, or say out loud, Thank Gosh I am not pregnant anymore! If you've never been pregnant, you have no opinion on this matter. You have never been so big, bloated, uncomfortable, hot, tired and feeling like you are going to POP at any moment. I love my girls and I don't know if there are any more babies in my future but for the time being, I will enjoy the feeling of "normalcy" w/no person living inside of me! A few friends and my sister have just had babies w/in the past week, and I find myself thanking God for surviving that first month and know how happy they must be to have their baby in their arms and not in their bellies!

You ask (or are asked) to pray w/your spouse.
Lent is upon us and I am really trying to focus more on the prayer aspect of Prayer. Fasting. Almsgiving. But, lets be honest, I like to pray in a church, by myself, in front of the Eucharist and have the ability to stay for as long as I'd like. <---- This is not an option in my life right now, so I pray at home, when I get a few moments of silence or in the car or when the kids go to bed. My hubby and I prayed a Rosary together the other night and it was so good and reminded me why marriage is a Sacrament in the Catholic Church. It should always have God in the center and He should be involved daily in the marriage and PRAYER is the way to do it! It's when you are most vulnerable, most calm, most at peace and your spouse, w/the help of the Holy Spirit, can bring you closer to God and to Heaven! And you are called to do this for your spouse too! (Note to self: Pray together more!)

Your two year old breaks out in song and you catch it on video:

You are welcome!

You realize how blessed you are.
Life is full of bad days, hurt feelings, things you wish you wouldn't have said/thought but when in the end, it's the little things that matter the most. The days spent in PJs w/the kids, the endless celebrations b/c between my husband and I there are 50+ people in our immediate family, watching your kids master new talents every day, warm, home-cooked meals, hot showers, good education choices for the kids, a good job for your husband and the chance to stay home w/the kids. When you realize, Life is Good! 

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