Monday, May 12, 2014

If I could do this day over...

If you could do your day over, what would be the things you'd change? Or keep the same? 
As the night grows later, my thoughts grow deeper. I examine my actions and think, if I could do this day over...
-would I discipline better, more effectively and not scream in frustration? 
-would I stop to ask why she chose the long sleeve dress when the temps are supposed to hit 80?
- will I next time tell her how pretty she looks and treasure these moments of glee and joy over a frilly dress with sparkles?
-would I explain, and not scream in fear and frustration, when she crosses not once but twice in front of a car while riding her bike. Fear that her precious life could end and how sad that would make mommy. And cover her with hugs and kisses so she knows how proud I am of how well she rides. 
-would I not speak quickly, and rudely, to my dear husband when he discloses that he has no ride home from work! How can this be, why didn't you plan better? Or...
-would I stop and laugh, bc this is such a Mark move and this is why I love him. He's carefree, a free spirit, always thinking of others and never wants to be a bother. He gives and gives and expects very little in return. 
-would I show more graditude when he miraculously finds a way home in time for dinner. 
-would I speak more with Sammy, try to find ways to connect. Thank her for all the help she is with Miriam and how much we all miss her when she's gone. 

But I can't go back. I can only go forward     Tomorrow's a new day and I pray that I will learn from today. 

slow down. 
Then speak. 
Show gratitude. 
Love. And show it. 

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  1. I just saw this.

    Thank you for letting us in... to see what's on your heart. This is beautiful.

    We all have days we wish we could do over, but alas! Not gonna happen. As you say, we can only learn from today, to do and be better tomorrow!

    Loooove you.