Saturday, June 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes (vol 7)

Everyone has been feeling a little under the weather this week. Juls had a fever for a few days, along with a cough and runny nose. Now Miriam has the runny nose but nothing else. Part of me really loves sick Juliana b/c her energy level goes from 100 to about 10. She's mellow and just lays around. But she's back to jumping off couches and her sneaky 2.5 year old ways! 
she thinks she is so funny!

drippy nose and glossy eyes. She sneezed no less than 50 times that day...and that is NOT an exaggeration! 
How much do you sick kids hate getting their noses wiped? Mine do, ALOT! When Juls was a babe I discovered these
Boogie Wipes
Boogie Wipes! What a ridiculous name but you know what? My girls don't scream EVERY time I have to wipe their noses! Also, when it gets all gross and gunky in the middle of a nap or night time, the saline in the wipes breaks it all down with one wipe! I probably should have saved this for 5 Faves but I know I will forget about it by next week!

Since the girls were sick I couldn't make it to Samantha's band recital but I was able to go to her last gymnastics class and see all that she has been doing.

 Now this is still with help but at the beginning of the sessions she couldn't do a cart wheel! She is extremely cautious but has learned so much and is hoping to do more sessions in the future. 
I would have been in heaven as a child to have this opportunity and was DYING to get up there and tumble! I seriously missed my calling.

Do you battle with your older girls about clothes? And I do mean battle. World War 3 style! There aren't many times in a week that we require Samantha to dress a certain way. Church. A band recital here,a baptism there. Not often enough that when she has to be in more than a pair of shorts and tank top that yelling/crying/hurt feelings ensue. It's bad. Any helpful tips would be good. 

We got a pool for the babes! And they had a blast playing in it yesterday after naps!

Thankfully they didn't get my ridiculous fear of water in their faces and splashed away! 

How do you ladies make prayer apart of your day? Personal or as a family. I would love to hear some tips as I feel like since Lent ended so has my fire for daily prayer. 

Prayers for me please if I may. I have a bad left knee. Past surgery on it. Months of PT and it's acting up again. Lots of pain, discomfort and fear that with one wrong move I'll be on crutches and maybe need surgery. This is a cross I have been given and I am trying to not see the worst possible outcome but with this much pain, I am not sure what else to do. 

Thanks for hosting Jen! Love this link up! :)


  1. Praying for your knee. I hope you avoid the crutches.

    I feel like we're all falling off the prayer wagon here. I had high hopes for a rosary a week (at the very least) during May...nope. Lazy, lazy.

    Anyway, instead of doing evening prayer by each kid's room like we always have, we've started doing group evening prayer in one of the bedrooms. I can't say that we're ever all in the same place prayer-wise but at least the little ones can watch the older ones and join when possible.

    We are blessed to be within walking distance to our church. In the less-scorching weather, we walk to the statue of Our Lady and everyone says a decade together. Then, I pray the rest while Pat lets the kids run around.

    My prayer is not great but I try to bless myself every time I get in and out of bed and make a morning/evening offering (nothing too involved...just going over/anticipating my day).

  2. I have always wondered about the boogie wipes. I am going to try them next time the boogs start running out on the kids.

    Praying for you and your knee!

    Prayer time: I try to take some sort of personal prayer everyday: Rosary, bible reading, spiritual reading, praise. We always do night prayer and bible time with kids before bed. Matt and I try to pray at night, as well, before bed. sometimes we are good with it and other times not so good. Always trying to work on it :).
    One book I found helpful, as far as scheduling prayer into the day, was called A Mother's Rule. It is so good and has lots of helpful hints. :)

  3. That pool looks awesome!!! Prayers for your knee :(