Tuesday, June 4, 2013

7 Months old

This little diva is 7 months old! How did this happen? More than a half year has gone by and what a joy it is to watch her grow.
As the picture shows she is a well nourished child! :) She is an amazing eater and her newest favorites are noodles, small pieces of cheese, nibbles of my yogurt and baby puffs.
She isn't as determined to crawl and be on the move as her older sister was, but she is beginning to pull herself up on people, small furniture and toys. She also scoots on her butt. She is incredibly proud of herself when she moves this way and it is fascinating to watch!
Miss Miriam I love you so much. You are such a gift to this family and your calm, cool, collective attitude helps Momma relax after dealing with the craziness that is Juliana.

Here are some out takes from our 7 Month "photo session"

bottom right is my FAVORITE!!!

"Get out of my picture. This is all about me!"

She was diving off the couch

Elvis Lip

 And also, Dad had a little fun of his own!

baby in the laundry basket!!


  1. haha! We also do baby in the laundry basket!!
    How are they getting so big already?!?!

  2. ahhhhh!! Sp precious!!!!! :)