Sunday, February 24, 2013

Struck Speechless

Well, Miss Juliana has to get tubes in her ears. :( Since September 2012 she has had 5 or 6 ear infections and one case of strep throat. I seriously count our blessings every time I can just call the doctor's office, schedule an appointment and get the medicine needed to make her better again...but I digress.

So, we get home from the ENT's office and I call the surgical coordinator, leave all my info and she calls back a few minutes later. Nice lady, older (probably thought I was a nut job!) Read on:

Nice Lady: We will schedule Juliana for March 1st in the morning
Me: Great! (much quicker than I thought) What time? (thinking 8am or so)
Nice Lady: The office will call you the day before but it will probably be a 7:30am surgery meaning you will have to be there at 5:30am (said calmly as if this wasn't a completely RIDICULOUS super early, never do I want to be awake much less dealing w/my 2 year old, time)
Me: 5:30 in the morning?
Nice Lady: (losing patience w/me) yes, because she can't eat past midnight before the surgery
Me: ...uh, um,... well, I, uh,...that's really early...uh, um,...(mentally FREAKING OUT!)

How am I going to get myself, my husband (who loves to sleep more than he loves most things in life), Juls and my infant baby up, out the door and to the outpatient center by 5:30 IN THE MORNING?!?! Has this lady never had children? Do you know HOW LONG we mothers (and fathers) work to get children to sleep through the night and you want me to wake not one, but two children before 5:30am? Seriously Nice Lady, you're smoking something.

Me: Well, that's fine...I guess. I'll just work something out. (trying to sound calm but SO not pulling it off!)
Nice Lady: Okay, you could fine someone to watch the baby
Me: Yeah... (clearly this lady has never breastfed a baby...The first thing that has to happen in the morning is this kid NEEDS to eat! Stat!)

I get off w/her and call Mark at work:

Mark: Hello
Me: I am having a slight panic attack...(go into whole story and am so not calm)
Mark: Coll, I can just take her.
Me: Oh, hmm... (reflecting on this mind-blowingly logical option that never once entered my head until he spoke the words). I guess you could.

Of course it makes perfect sense for him to take her. It's so much easier and he is so good w/Juliana that there is not a speck of concern, but, she's my baby. My big, 2 year old sassy, spunky and full of too much knowledge for her own good baby girl. It will all work out and she will be fine but it seriously caught me off guard when she said 5:30am. These are things the doctor just happens to forget to tell you. Mental preparedness people, it's a way MY of life!

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