Friday, September 5, 2014

Quick 7 on Friday...

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Taking Team Whitaker's idea and starting off with some funny quotes from this week

Juls: Did you know that Jesus can turn water into ICE!!

A convo I received via text from Mark:
Juli told me what you said...When she is 20 I will be in Heaven. That's only 
17 years...I will be 49.
Me: JULI! Why did you tell Daddy that? 
Juls: Cause you said so!
Me: ????

Me: Juli did you make any friends at school?
Juls: Yeah, her name is Pagan. 
Me: Um, I think it's Peyton...
Juls: Yeah! Well Pagan and I...

This week Samantha started 6th grade! She is tall, all arms and legs and really excited to be playing Volleyball again. Last year was her first year and she was not as naturally gifted as some of the girls but she never gave up, practiced all the time and this past weekend played every game at a tournament they were in and her team won second place! Hoping for a good year in general, as it will be her last at this school before she changes to a public school near her Mom's house

Juls started 3 year old preschool and is LOVING it! There are 16 kids in her class, two teachers and she couldn't be more ready to be in the classroom environment! In the first 3 days she impressed the teachers with writing her full name multiple times, complimented one teacher on her new haircut and the other on her high heels, and one girl asked Juls to be her best friend forever! 
This girl is a charmer for SURE!
Her teacher told me "she's smart as a whip...she'll be my go to girl this year!"

Oh honey, she will love every moment of that!

she read her name from across the hall and asked for a picture next to her leaf!

Her first full day and first day without Mom...excited much?

So, at the end of summer I was sitting in my room, looked around and decided that I was going to freshen up the decor (or lack there of)!
Here's the before picture

Blah, blah, blabidiblahblah...

It was oh so brown and boring. And we had 3 pictures in our room. Our room is big, king size bed, loveseat, two dressers and two night stands big. 

Enter the tent sale at a local furniture store. We went last year and got a new recliner and dining room table for a steal and have been waiting for a year for the next tent sale. Hubby got an email and we went and got new dressers for $1000 off each one! It's just silly. 

Well, since we saved so much, I felt I could splurge (with in reason) on a new comforter, curtains and pictures.

So, shop I did. I found our comforter on sale at Kohls for 50% off, got $20 Kohl's cash that I used to buy Mark new shoes (which were on sale and I had a coupon!). 

Ok, ya'll, curtains are insanely expensive! I was all, IT'S A PIECE OF FABRIC!!! Anyway, I couldn't even fathom spending $20+ on one panel, so I shopped around, found 4 for $28 at Gabe's, a local discount store, that were originally sold at JcPenny's for way more!

My last amazing deal was on my frames. I wanted to do some clusters of frames on each wall but frames are way expensive too, unless you buy them at a local church flea market! I got 4 10x13 frames and 6 5x7 frames for $5!!! They were solid wood and perfect for sanding and spray painting! I've had pictures I wanted to print bigger and I was so excited to finally have a place for them!
I printed the pictures off of Snapfish because they have always printed my large pictures perfectly and I found a coupon for free shipping (whoop whoop!)

plain boring frames

during, obvi...



AFTER #3...Large frame on right from Michael's about 7 years ago!

So, again Before

And here's the final After of the whole room, plus a shot of my new dresser!


I agreed to teach CCD this year. I have taught in the past and last year I was an aide for 7th grade and wanted to aide again, but God had different plans for me. 
Last year's 7th grade was a TOUGH, rowdy class and I was more than happy to say good-bye to them in May. Oh, tell God your plans and He will laugh you all the way to Humble-Pie town...
The DRE emailed and said they didn't need an aide for 7th grade, but they did need a Teacher for 8th grade
Ok, seriously?
I was kinda expecting/hoping/praying to be pregnant by this point in the year but, again my plans+God's plans = different!
So, I calculated and if I was to get pregnant even this month, the baby wouldn't come til almost June meaning, I had no real reason to say no. 
Plus, I have ALWAYS wanted to teach a Sacrament year and I know that God didn't put anything on my heart or in my way to really say "no don't teach." 
Teach I will. Also, I'm teaching with a girl that has never taught before.
Say a prayer for us...I'll try to keep you updated!

A little update on Miriam:

Fun parent award goes to ME! I let them play in the rain when Mark had, at first, said No!

She loved, loved, loved the festivals we went to this year and will most definetly love Kennywood next weekend. 
She's a huge fan of chocolate anything. Middle picture she was enjoying a chocolate cupcake from Aunt Anna
She also loves water. If you ask her about the beach, she will say "ocean! baby pool! water!" about 4 or 5 times in a row. 

She loves to tell her sisters "NO! 'top it!"

And if something is not working, she would say "working anymore, NOT!"

She's got my gift of facial expressions that are worth a million words and has the CUTEST pouting face in the world! 

She is still so cuddly and I will soak in the babiness as long as I can. 

My Momma is coming up soon! She hasn't been up since last November. We joke about her moving up here permanently, but I don't know if she'll ever bite the bullet. Say a prayer for her. Please. 

Woke up to black smoke this morning, coming from a house less than a mile from us. The house was completely engulfed in flames and my neighborhood was getting rained with ash and debris. Pray for the one was hurt but it seems there was troubles within the home and it might have been done on purpose by the owner. 

It had me all shook up and holding my babies closer.

Have a lovely weekend folks! Thanks for reading...

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