Friday, April 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes...Easter Octave and Free shoes!

It's been a lovely week thus far, and the weekend has just begun! Linking up with Jen for another edition of some QTs

Last weekend was obviously Easter and we obviously dyed eggs. My mother in law is kind enough to host this gathering at her house and all that are in town are welcome to come and dye-away! 
I've always loved dyeing eggs, mostly because it brought the whole family together and as the youngest of 6, doing anything with my older siblings was fun!
Well, Samantha and Juli did not feel the same way, even though there were 8 or so of their cousins dyeing eggs with them and a multitude of aunts and uncles. 
Juls was done after 3 eggs. She heard Mark offering to take her 1 year old cousin outside and she was like "I'm coming too!"
The adults had a grand time chatting, dyeing eggs, drinking coffee, eating the cracked eggs and just being a family. 
My brother in law is Polish and he grew up decorating eggs a bit differently.
He brought a huge hot plate full of melted wax and pencils with nails pushed into the erasers. You then dip the nail head into the hot wax and either drop it on or swipe it on to make a design. 
This is one of the eggs I made. His were much better!

That evening, Holy Saturday, there was a huge Easter egg hunt in the neighborhood. 
I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned before what an awesome neighborhood we live in and how it's filled to the brim with kids.
Well, here are the kids that could make it to the hunt

There were some missing for various reasons but wow! I feel so blessed to provide my girls with a great place to grow up and a huge number of friends just steps from our front yard!
Oh, and there were 3 pregnant women at the hunt and one who wasn't there because it's her first and she doesn't do "mom" things yet! :) 

My contribution to the hunt was a snack.
I made Egg and Cross sugar cookies that the kids got to ice and decorate on their own...or with the help of mom/dad.
I used this recipe for the cookies. It's the same one I used for our Christmas cookies and MAN, is it GREAT! 
They are the best sugar cookies! I made a basic buttercream to go with them this time but used a royal icing on them at Christmas. 
Both icings were delicious

Mim enjoying her"tootie"

Sunday morning we went to 8:30am Mass and of course we can't get out of the house on time. We ended up in the Daily Mass Chapel, in the very back of the Church and that was a bummer. Everyone does better when we are closer but between kids waking up late, Samantha boycotting dresses and it being 8 o'clock in the morning, it's amazing we made it at all! 

Easter baskets were a hit for the kids. We never brought up the idea of the bunny because Juli is SO VERY afraid of Santa that a giant bunny coming in our house just didn't seem like a good idea. 
No matter how they got here, they were well received. 
Thank you to the Dollar Tree and Dollar Bins at Target because that is where the majority of their basket contents were from!

So, I mentioned above that Samantha is boycotting dresses. I remember when I was young that I didn't always love dresses either but I was ALWAYS aware that there were certain times that I was going to be required to wear one. Easter, Christmas, funerals, weddings, etc...
Maybe I could have pushed it more earlier in the week or I could have just let her wear pants on Easter but it wasn't until 8:10am on Easter morning that Samantha is in her closet browsing her very small section of dresses and dress clothes that she discovers she has nothing to wear!
Before we go pointing fingers, let me explain something: I love shopping! Always have, always will. 
I have a fashion degree. I understand clothes better than most, I f eel, and I am pretty darn good at shopping for others when I am asked to help.
Samantha OFTEN compliments me on my dresses/nice clothes/color combos and the little ones outfits, yet she has NEVER trusted my judgement on clothing for her. 
So, unless it is a matter of life or death, we don't go shopping together. 
Thankfully, my niece is a few years older than her and has passed on some cute clothes making my life so much easier, because if it's cool enough for Kaitlyn, it's cool enough for Samantha. 

Okay, enough of Easter...let me tell you about an awesome deal I scored on Sperry's! 
If you don't know Sperry's they are boat shoes, super cute, easy to slip on and great all weather shoes for summer! 
K, well, I've never owned a pair. Never thought I was preppy enough but alas I saw a friend in her new Sperry's and thought, I need to check into those for me. 
I didn't want to pay full market value and I am never above buying used "lightly worn" shoes, especially when a new pair can run around $70! 
So, I was checking, they had some but were still around $50.
I decided to click on over to thredup because they had just sent me a $15 off my next purchase and lo-and-behold there was a pair of size 8 Sperry's for $17.99!!
With my $15 off coupon that's $2.99 and I'm not a math major but that's a freaking amazing deal!
Well, I forgot that I had a credit with them because I returned something and boom, that $2.99 and my shipping were paid for and I got these bad boys


Free. That's right, I got $70 shoes, for FREE. 

Now, that's a good deal! 

And I'll need all the extra cash I can save because I am getting Lasik done next Friday!
Mark had it done about 8 years ago and had great success with it until his Sarcoidosis gave him double vision and he's wearing glasses again.
2 of his brothers have gotten it done and I know a handful of other folks who've had great success as well. 
I will be put of commission for most of Friday but I will be done with glasses forever...well, until I am in my mid-40s and need reading glasses but that's gonna happen whether I have Lasik or not. At least I won't need super expensive bifocals at that time. 
I will have over 12 years of no glasses. I've never had 12 years of no glasses. I started wearing them in second grade and have many terrible school pictures to prove it! 
Mark said this is my Happy Mother's Day/5th Anniversary/30th Birthday/Merry Christmas present and any other holiday for the next year or two. 
Fine, I'll take being able to see over anything!!
Prayers for me, please!

Have a great weekend! 

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter :) The girls look great, as always!

    Your Sperry's are SO cute! :) They are the thing down here. I am not sure about them though. Are they comfy?

    Eeek! I am so excited about your Lasik!!