Monday, March 31, 2014

A prayer request

There are quite a few ladies that read this that I consider great pray warriors and so many of you graciously prayed for Mark earlier this year.

I ask you to offer up my nephew Emeric in your prayers please.

 I think I have mentioned him before awhile back. His Mom and Dad are my Bro-in-law (Mark's brother) and his wife (who is one of my closest friends in pgh). They found out last summer that Emeric has Tay-Sachs. They began working with Children's and he underwent a stem-cell transplant to help slow and/or reverse the Tay-Sachs. That was back in October. All went well there. Unfortunately, he contracted a very serious virus shortly before Christmas and he has been battling it ever since. This virus is deadly, particularly because he underwent Chemo before his transplant and his whole slate got wiped clean.

It looked like he might be on the up swing a week or so ago, but as of yesterday he was experiencing some seizure like episodes and that is something totally new that they'd not had before. He is very weak, tired, and my MIL just told be yesterday that the doctors thought he'd be long gone by now. Actually, they thought he might live a max of 3 weeks when he first contracted the virus. He is, at this point, a medical miracle since he has been battling the virus for over 3 months. His T-cells have yet to grow back and they truly have no idea how he is still alive.

Please pray. For healing for Emeric and strength and peace for Jonathan and Michele.

Thank you all.

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  1. Praying for everyone. Please keep us updated.