Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Five Faves - a song, an app, a recipe and pics

Linking up with Miss Hallie again this week!

Overcomer - the song and video by Mandisa!

It is uplifting, inspiring and the video seriously brought tears to my eyes. Plus, every time I hear it on the radio, we turn it up and have a dance party! Even at 7:50 this morning when I was getting the girls dressed and I hadn't had coffee yet!

It's that good!

Juls also love's her Good Morning song, which she adorably refers to as the "get up, get up" song!

The Fertility Friend App
For all us NFP users, knowing your cycle and body is ever so important whether you are abstaining or trying to conceive. I used when Mark and I first got married b/c I found it to be easier than a piece of paper that I was BOUND to loose! It was nice to know my chart and all my info was in one place that my (then 6 year old) step daughter couldn't just happen upon! ;)
I have since found the app and love it! You can keep track of all your signs, symptoms, temps, additional notes and more!
Best of all, it's free!!
There is a VIP membership that you can pay for, but I haven't ever needed any of their services!
Me: What'd you do at school today?
Juls: We painted a turkey
Me: Cool! A Turkey! Why did you paint a turkey?
Juls: ::shrugs:: Cause my teacher said so...
Well, she is only 3 but on the upside, she followed directions! Hooray!
I am super excited about Thanksgiving next week!!! :) Especially to make this Sweet Potato Casserole recipe! YUM!!
Cousins, matching!

Miriam is 4 months older to the day than sweet Savannah in the back! They live in RI but we got to spend the weekend with them when we visited Maryland this past weekend!
These two plus their 3 month old cousin Oliver are going to be TROUBLE in a few years!
I can't wait! :)
Sisterly love

 I am really not sure which one loves the other more.
Happy Thanksgiving from the 'burgh!

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